Upcoming Watercolor Workshops

Ready for some creativity, fun, relaxation and camaraderie?  Join one of my watercolor workshops.  They run once a week, two hours, for six weeks.

A new class for students with a "bit" of experience will begin this Monday, August 18th from 10-12 am.  The class will run for 6 weeks.  Bring your paint, brushes and paper.  I prefer to use Winsor & Newton, but if you have paint already, I would be happy to discuss it.  Contact me at if you are interested.  I have space available or can put you on a wait list for future classes.

My beginning watercolor class through the City of Santa Clarita begins on September 5th.  This class is on Friday's from 10-12.  You can look it up under the City of Santa Clarita-Seasons or try this link:

Intermediate classes are on Wednesday's from 5-7pm.  This is wait listed.  If you would like to be notified when there is an opening, please let me know.