Majestic Valley Oak in the window

Majestic Valley Oak

I just wanted to let you know that I have a sculpture, Majestic Valley Oak, in the SCAA Gallery at the Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall.  It is in the front window, and I love that!

The exhibition runs 7/4-8/31.  The opening reception is this Friday, July 11th from 6-9pm.  Of course I will be there to greet you!  The gallery is  located outside of the mall right across from Sisley's Restaurant.  24251 Town Center Drive, #110, Valencia, CA 91355.

In addition, there will be a Wine Reception, Friday, August 1st, from 6-9pm.  I will be gallery sitting on Sunday, July 13th from 4-7 and again on Saturday, August 2nd from 3-6pm.

Here is a description of the sculpture:

Majestic Valley Oak, Quercus lobata, is the largest North American oaks and is considered to be the monarch by virtue of its size, age and beauty.  Descriptions of its remarkable stature appear in the diaries of many early visitors to California.  A member of the Beech family, it can reach heights of more than 100 feet with trunks measuring 6 or 7 feet in diameter.  The largest on record is 151 feet tall.  The magnificent tree is limited to California.  Young trees can have a taproot that is up to 60 feet deep, allowing it to withstand drought.  Quercus lobata can live up to 600 years.  Valley Oaks are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in the fall.


I created Majestic Valley Oak as an homage to the beauty and grand stature of the Valley Oak.  I began by creating an armature, or framework, to give the tree a defined form.  I then melted steel rods, and drip by drip, transformed steel into this beautiful oak tree using an oxyacetylene torch.  I have always loved trees and was inspired by a very special Valley Oak in my neighborhood. I have been drawing and photographing this tree for years, finally making it into a sculpture. 


Majestic Valley Oak


steel on granite